Budweiser: Grow One Facebook App

About The Project.

Every year Budweiser supports the "clean water" efforts of environmental activist Chad Pregracke by inspiring their Facebook fans to conserve water. Their audience is encouraged to take a pledge to Grow One (let their facial hair grow) which could save 5 gallons of water per day. Their goal was to save one million gallons of water and raise our overall awareness of the many simple ways that we can conserve water every day. During the Grow One campaign Budweiser not only reached, but exceeded its goal of saving a million gallons of water.

Zap's Role.

Zap Web Works built the entire Facebook tab which included: Facebook share and post functions that allowed users who had taken the pledge to share it on their timeline and encourage their friends to "Get Involved". Gallery of Growth: users could upload and share pics of their glorious new growth. A dynamic visual meter which measured how much water had been saved. Promotional video hosted by Chad Pregracke